The name Coccole Quotidiane you will make you feel good twice; two locations, the same name, the same quality, but different addresses: one is in the center of Arezzo and the other one outside the center. In these two oasis of tranquility you can enjoy a break, a coffee, an aperitif or a good meal. You can order pies, cupcakes, biscuits, confetti, handmade mini-pastries and all the sweet treats that you would like. Everything is prepared in the finest detail to ensure you get the best quality.
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From confectionery to snack bar...

When you enter Coccole Quotidiane, you will see how the name perfectly mirrors the service you will get. In our bar and pastry shop in Arezzo you will not only get a great coffee, but you can also enjoy a delightful break, a good meal or some of our delicious hand-made pasta. People like to come during their lunch breaks: we offer the best quality without a long waiting-time, including quick snacks and a variety of meals. You are spoiled for choice! We are also able to organize novel and delicious aperitifs.
vassoio di bignè con cioccolato e panna
cabaret di ciambelle gusti vari e crostatine

... passing by for an aperitif

Nowadays, the aperitif has become such an important part of a social gathering for all the boys and girls who want to have fun. Our premises in Arezzo organizes aperitifs for everybody, but it is mainly aimed at the younger generation; it highlights the feeling of togetherness that allows you to enjoy the various delicacies offered by us. In addition, the premises is equipped with a snack bar. The quantity and variety of strictly-handmade pastries and desserts at our servicing counters will enchant you.

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